Inno Foods Clusters
Inno foods grain free granolaInno Foods Cluster PuffsCoconut

Gluten Free. Natural. Delicious.

Feel good snacking without sacrificing taste or quality.
Inno Foods Cluster PuffsCoconut

Coconut Clusters

Organic, vegan, and gluten-free? Yes please! Coconut Clusters are made with some of Earth's best stuff.

New Snacks

Here at Inno Foods, we're constantly developing new and tasty snacks. Cluster Puffs are our latest creation, featuring new brown rice puffs for an airy and crispy take on our classic coconut clusters - perfect for satisfying any sweet tooth! What's next? CEREALS!

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Grain Free Granola

Our Grain Free Granola is made with simple ingredients like almonds, coconut flakes, and cranberries.

Healthy Ingredients Badge

What makes our snacks so Gooood?

It's all in the ingredients! We source high quality, natural ingredients to make delicious snacks for families across the globe.

We Care About You and Your Family

Inno Foods snacks are made from some of the best quality ingredients out there! See what some of our customers have to say.

USDA OrganicCanada Organic CertificationKosher VerifiedGluten FreeNo EggsNON - GMO

"Ingredients that are true, no hidden additives"


"It is scrumptious and gluten free"

Carla Jasperson

"I like the texture, the ingredients and the taste"

Barbara Dixon

Recipes From Our Community

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